Sand Clock Is The Minimalist’s Way Of Telling Time

Everyone has a clock of some sort. Whether it’s a basic wall clock, an ornate grandfather clock, or a cheap digital alarm clock on your nightstand. However, telling time can get old.

That’s why it can be fun to shake things up with a new type of clock. For minimalists, the Sand Clock from Studio Ayaskan is the perfect way to do just that. This nifty gadget brings together the elements of an analog clock with a Japanese Zen garden to add a moment of calm into your day (no matter what time it reads).

Peace In The Moment

Inspired by the landscape art of kare-sansui (the Japanese tradition of rock gardens), the Sand Clock is a totally unique way of telling time. It features a metal dish filled with fine sand and an hour hand that moves in a twelve-hour cycle.

During the daytime hours, the hand creates satisfying ripples in the sand that eventually complete the circle at midnight. Then, the clock enjoys an evening of rest and resetting while you do by smoothing over the pattern during the nighttime hours.

Its makers say that the clock draws on influences like the moon’s phases, the sun, and the tides. There aren’t many things more satisfying than watching the visual passage of time.

Tiny Differences

We wouldn’t blame you if you thought that the Sand Clock would get old after a few days. After all, who wants to guess what time it is based on a pattern in the sand? This isn’t ancient Egypt.

However, it is the peaceful imperfection of the Sand Clock that makes it so special. Every day, the pattern in the sand will be slightly different as time plays out. Seeing those tiny differences is the perfect way to stop and take a moment to reflect each day.

So, sure, you could go out and get a precise atomic clock. Or, you could embrace those little moments of peace and live happier with the Sand Clock. Buy Here


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