This Amazon Alexa-Enabled Alarm Clock Is Lighting Up Kickstarter

Alarm clocks, in general, suck. Honestly, when is the last time you looked at your alarm clock and thought, “wow, I am so grateful for you.” That isn’t the reaction you will have when you have the Sandman Doppler alarm clock on your nightstand. The Sandman Doppler is an Amazon Alexa-enabled alarm clock that is being called “the world’s best alarm clock.”

What makes this the “world’s best alarm clock?” Well, aside from being Alexa-enabled (so you can communicate with the Doppler using your voice), this alarm clock features six USB ports, high-quality stereo speakers, and customizable smart buttons to repeat a command at the press of a button. Said smart buttons all you to stream music or automate your home.Want to turn on the lights or order pizza? The quick access smart buttons will allow you to activate tons of services at the touch of a button.

So are you ready to wake up and appreciate your alarm clock for once? If so, get in on this Kickstarter while you can. Buy: $119

sandman doppler alarm clock

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