Sandvik Smash Proof Guitar: For The Ultimate Rocker

Anyone who’s ever been to a rock concert can agree that there is nothing more badass than seeing a guitarist end a show by smashing his guitar to bits. Rock n’ roll is all about energy, and nothing shows that like slamming your instrument into the ground as the crowd goes wild. However, completely destroying a priceless instrument isn’t the easiest on your pocketbook. That’s why Sandvik has created a Smash Proof electric guitar.

Specs of this Shred Machine

Sandvik has not only created an insanely durable, smash proof guitar; but a high quality and playable guitar too. This entire guitar has been 3d printed out of metal to ensure even the hardest of smashers couldn’t break it. To prove this they brought Yngwie Malmsteen onto their team. Those of you who aren’t familiar with Yngwie should turn to YouTube. He is not only an amazingly skilled guitarist, but is famous for being one of the most dangerous natural predators to guitars. No guitar is safe from his smashing (except the Sandvik guitar of course). Sandvik used special software to digitally mill out each cut and curve from the body before working on the real instrument. This meant they could work through trial and error with their designs to make sure the finished product was the best version. Given that this guitar is made of metal sounds pretty heavy, but it’s actually not. It was made of lots of titanium layers (each thinner than human hair) stacked on top of each other. These layers form an intricate pattern and design to ensure ultimate strength without having to sacrifice lightness.

Incredible Playability

Yngwie Malmsteen not only contributed to the incredible strength of this guitar, but also to the sound and playability of it. Malmsteen actually used this guitar at a gig in Florida. His music is fast, technical, and very demanding of both the fingers and the guitar. Playing his stuff on this guitar proves its legitimacy as a high-end instrument. It isn’t just some novelty item with no real use. It’s a real deal, professional guitar. The technology behind the cutting and drilling allowed for extremely precise work. From the fretboard, to the neck, to the pickup, and to the body, everything has been designed very carefully. This guitar is ergonomic and ready for a musicians hands. The precise and accurate design let them make sure every single curve and shape is exactly how they want it to be. In some places of this piece, they had to mill things down to a single millimeter. If that doesn’t scream high quality precision, I don’t know what does.

While all those technical details are important, that’s not all that matters. The guitar looks just as badass as it is The intricate design engineered for strength has a very cool and unique look. With this being displayed on a classic body shape, it looks both futuristic and old school. This guitar is sure to catch the eyes (and ears) of everyone around and draw the fans in. And nothing satisfies the fans like taking it over your head and chopping down like an ax into wood.

The Sandvik Smash Proof Guitar is something all rockers can surely get behind. With a lightweight, playable, and incredibly strong body, this guitar has no weak points. When engineers, technology, and a rocker like Yngwie come together, greatness comes out. This guitar truly is that; greatness. So if you’re looking to make a crowd go crazy with some guitar smashing, but don’t want to buy a new guitar after every gig, order yourself the Sandvik Smash Proof Guitar. Buy Here

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