This Pocket Tool Is Perfect for All Your Little Emergencies

If you ever had a hangnail or found a loose thread with no way to remove it, you know that feeling of all-day unease. The sweet, sweet release when you can finally snip that sucker is so satisfying. Santa Fe Stoneworks has the perfect combo tool to fix those little emergencies in a pinch and it looks like a piece of art. This pocket tool from the Vein Turquoise collection features a stunning turquoise vein handle on one side and polished wood on the other. The design looks like a river between two canyon walls, giving you some dope nature-inspired aesthetic. The turquoise is sourced from the Nacozari Mine in Sonora, Mexico, just south of Arizona. The expertly worked stone, steel, and wood make this tool something that’ll last.

The pocket tool features just three simple implements: a knife, file, and spring-action scissors. They’re simple tools, but handy for your everyday emergencies. It fits easily in your pocket and only measures at 2.5” long by 0.75” wide. Santa Fe Stoneworks sells handmade knives, tableware, and accessories using a variety of materials like steel, hardwoods, and unique stones. Some products use woolly mammoth teeth and even dinosaur bones! Every product is one-of-a-kind and a must-have for your EDC. Buy Here

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