Savage Choices Will Be Your Next Go-To Party Game

Life’s full of choices. Pizza or Chinese? Binge Game of Thrones or go to sleep? Uber or the train? If you’re that friend who just sucks at deciding, Savage Choices might be challenging for you. Savage Choices is an adult party game that’s half Cards Against Humanity and half Disturbed Friends. And you’ll truly see how disturbing this game can go. Live as Jon Snow or Lady Gaga? What if Jon Snow wears a poop-filled diaper? Or if Lady Gaga is wrapped in a burrito? This is a game of choices and it’s savage.

Savage Choices is the brainchild of Force Field Games Ltd in collaboration with Friendly Rabbit, creators of hit games like Disturbed Friends and Monster Rejects. They started a Kickstarter campaign in February 2018 to bring their messed up dreams into reality. The game was funded in under 24 hours and 418 backers raised $16,333 CAD by the end of the campaign.

What’s in the box?

Housed in a sleek black box with an unmistakable pile of shit is your new favorite game. Savage Choices comes with 150 character cards and 300 attribute cards. The character cards are black cards with gold details. The back of the cards have a gold border and a pile of shit in the center. Character cards feature your favorite movie and TV stars, artists, political figures, characters, and more. The attribute cards are grey and are designed with a silver border and fist on the back. Attribute cards have a large and wide range of descriptive phrases, like “is half lobster” and “screams racial slurs at babies” or NSFW options such as “masturbates every hour” and “participates in nursing home gangbangs”. They are paired with your character cards to create the craziest combinations. Savage Choices is best played by 3-8 players and each game should take 20-45 minutes.

How do you play?

To start the game, separate the character and attribute cards into two separate piles. Each player picks up five character cards and four attribute cards. If you’re a hot mess, you get to judge first. Each player takes turns being the judge. All the other players choose one character card and one attribute card from their hand and place them face down. One player at a time will show both cards and then draw an additional random attribute card from the stack.

Once all players’ cards are revealed, they will try to convince the judge on whose character they should choose to live as, along with their awesome attributes. Maybe you’d like to be Willy Wonka who always wears a sombrero and is addicted to laxatives. Or do you prefer the devil with a voluptuous dad bod who twerks violently when it rains? The combinations are priceless and this game will definitely not be lacking in WTFs. The player whose character is chosen wins the round and keeps that character card, which counts as one point. The first player to get five points wins! Find out how well you know truly your friends by creating the best combination of cards so you get chosen. It’s the party game that ruins lives. Buy Here


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