Scenic Eclipse Discovery Yacht Is A Next-Level Luxury Cruise Experience

scenic eclipse yacht

Confession: I have never been on a cruise. There are so many negative news stories that come out pertaining to cruise ships (See: people going overboard never to be heard from again) that I haven’t exactly had the desire to try. But then I look at Scenic USA’s latest venture, the Scenic Eclipse Discovery Yacht, and I am suddenly intrigued about going on a cruise.

Scenic USA’s first cruise ship is a mega yacht that is intended for higher-end clientel who want to experiment a cruise, but are also willing to pay for a more luxurious and inclusive experience.  What does that mean? Well, aside from higher costs, it means that you will be on a mega yacht that measures 168 meters long and only has 114 suites. Each suit is equipped with with a private verandah. The ship will have 176 crew members, meaning the staff will be just as big as the guests. The Scenic Eclipse Discovery Yacht has everything you would expect from a cruise ship: a spa, pool, theater, lounges, bars, Zodiacs, kayaks, e-bikes, and various other items to enhance your travel experience.

The Scenic Eclipse Discovery Yacht is set to take its maiden voyage in late 2018. You can find numerous itineraries on the Scenic USA website including trips to Antarctica, Europe, and the Arctic. Learn more at Scenic USA.  

scenic eclipse yacht scenic eclipse yacht scenic eclipse yacht scenic eclipse yacht scenic eclipse yacht

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