Seacliff Boardshorts Are Stylish And Made From Recycled Water Bottles

We all know how uncomfortable swim trunks are. Don’t even get us going about how they are when wet. Personally, I’d rather see a shark than walk around all day in wet swim trunks. Just kidding, but it’s a close on. Fortunately, the Seacliff Boardshort changes that. No more clinging, no more itching, and some cool features that make these shorts tactical. Did we mention you can wear them all weekend comfortably?

Seacliff Boardshorts are made from rapidly quick-drying fabric that also stretches four ways for extreme comfort. They have a hidden back pocket for carrying your essentials and a separate key loop for hooking your keys securely. The awesome fabric is a blend of 89%-recycled polyester and 11%-Spandex and doesn’t cling to your skin. Why do we bring up what the shorts are made of? Well, that 89%-recycled polyester actually comes from water bottles. So, by wearing these shorts, you get to look great, feel great, and help the Earth. Way to go!

The 7-inch inseam on the shorts is the perfect length. Not too short. Not too long. Lots of you will appreciate that there is no liner on this shorts, so they let you breathe and are great for wearing in and out of the water. So, to up your swim trunk game this summer, turn to the Seacliff Boardshorts for a perfect blend of style and comfort. Don’t forget to tell the ladies you’re helping the Earth too. Buy Here



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