SeaKart Inflatable Boat Makes You Feel Like A Navy SEAL

The soft hum of your engine. Quiet slapping of waves on the side of your inflatable boat. On your way to a top secret mission. No folks, this isn’t Mission Impossible, it’s the Navy SEALS. While you probably aren’t a SEAL (shoutout if you are though!) this boat will sure make you feel like one. It doesn’t get much more badass than skimming the waves in a speedy inflatable boat. Don’t forget your camo face paint.

The SeaKart 335 is technically considered a Category C boat, which means that it is the child of a jet ski and an inflatable boat. Dang, what’s going on out there in the open waters? This sweet little ride is perfect for serving as an entertaining watercraft or a purpose-fulfilling tender for a larger yacht.

Since the SeaKart is light and inflatable, you can operate in shallow water and at night safely. Or take down enemy agents. Up to you. This boat is incredibly versatile, letting you fulfill your water-whims on, well, a whim.

The SeaKart sits up to 5 people comfortably and is as easy to operate is your car. Some people still need practice with that though. A Yamaha jet engine gets you up to top speed quickly while built-in safety features ensure that the boat can’t flip or sink, even when punctured. It also includes an automatic fire extinguisher, speedometer, bathing ladder, custom upholstery, LED deck lights, underwater lights, and VHF radio. For a sick ride on the waves, look no further. Buy Here




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