Sealander: A Boat and Camper in One

When the outdoors is calling your name, you answer. Obviously. But the tough question is where you should go. Rough it out on a road trip and camp deep into the woods or relax floating out at sea? Why not both? The Sealander is a trailer, caravan, and yacht all in one. This amphibious vehicle is your ticket to escape your everyday life and relax without any limitations. The innovative concept for the Sealander was developed by German designer Daniel Straub. Straub created the vehicle for adventurers who want flexibility and freedom in a vacation. It officially went on sale in 2014.

From land to sea

It’s easy to transition the Sealander from land to sea. Start by driving backwards with your vehicle down a boat ramp with the door and roof open. Then fasten the outboard engine to the stem. Once the outboard engine is in, you will disconnect the Sealander from your car and roll it easily into the water. When it’s in the water, lower the outboard engine into the water and start it up!

Sturdy construction and sleek design

The design is based on a small camper van, but its outboard engine allows it to switch from road to sea easily. The Sealander features a teardrop shape enclosure that fits up to six people. A hull made from fiberglass reinforced plastic makes the vehicle lightweight at about 1,100 lbs, but strong and stable enough for both terrains. The Sealander can be connected to just about any car as a cozy trailer. Its compact size at just 13-square-feet makes it ideal for small vehicles as it can be easy maneuvered. It’s light enough even for a VW Golf! The engine’s rechargeable 80Ah gel battery powers the interior as well.

The Sealander has a ladder for stability on land as well as a safe entryway. On the water, the ladder also acts as a railing when raised up and can also be attached to the on-board grill. Four stainless steel handrails on each side also gives you extra stability and safety. The chassis is fully galvanized and the hubcaps are encased in oil, protecting against rust and water damage. You’ll be able to go in and out of the water quickly. The folding roof and tinted, panoramic windows on either side of the Sealander gives you amazing views of your surroundings. The roof can be opened two-thirds of the way to experience fresh air and a unique experience.

Relax in a comfortable space

There’s plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the comforts and ingenuity of the Sealander. It’s actually a lot bigger than it looks, kind of like the Tardis. You can’t travel through time and space in the Sealander, but you can go everywhere else and you’ll have ample room for a few companions along the way! Two benches and an adjustable table can accommodate up to six people. The seating area can also be transformed for reclining or sleeping. Soak in the sun or admire the starry night sky!

The Sealander has plenty of customization features to make it your own. Additions include a freshwater toilet, stainless steel sink, onboard grill, and an audio package. Customers can also choose from different materials, including a leather package, and a variety of color and wood finishes. Learn More



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