Sean Brock’s “South” Cookbook Offers Mouth Watering Eats

When it comes to food there is no denying that southern soul food is some of the best. Whether its biscuits and gravy or baby back ribs, I want it all (and I want it now…). However, cooking food isn’t quite as fun as eating, especially when you keep messing up the dish trying to create your own recipe. Now, thanks to award-winning chef Sean Brock, you can find all your favorite southern recipes in his book: ‘South’.

A Little Something For Everyone

Whether you’re already an expert chef just looking for a few hints on some new recipes, a total noob who can barely use a toaster, or just a foodie who likes to read about good food and recipes, this book has got something to offer you. While this is a cookbook, it is also more than a cookbook. Yes, it has plenty of recipes and delicious dishes for you to cook up. But it also has much more. It gives insight into the background and history of some of your favorite meals. It also explains the distinctions between the different types of southern food and what each region has to offer. Sean Brock also shows us how diverse southern food is. It’s got all the favorites you’d want, but it also shows unique meals and dishes you may not have known about. Southern food is more diverse than you’d think, and this book is going to touch all of it, whether it’s a classic fave or a unique dish you’re unfamiliar with.

Anybody who doesn’t like southern soul food probably shouldn’t be investing in a cookbook. Any foodie or chef should be familiar with the rich, warm, and comforting flavors of southern cuisine. If you’re looking to add to your southern repertoire then ‘South’ from Sean Brock is perfect for you. Buy Here


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