SeaVees Huntington Slip-On Sneakers Are Stylish, Comfortable, And Functional

SeaVees Huntington Slip-On Sneakers

These SeaVees Huntington slip-on sneakers are perfect if you are tired of laces. Maybe you like the look of slip-on sneakers, or you are sick of tying your shoes. Whatever the case may be, the Huntington Slip-On from SeaVees is the sneaker you’ve been looking for. Buy It Now

The SeaVees Huntington comes in 2 colors: Sable and Oyster. Each shoe is made out of cowhide suede and is incredibly comfortable.

SeaVees Huntington Slip-On Sneakers

What I love the most about these slip-on sneakers from SeaVees is how they look similar to a Chukka boot stay true to being a sneaker. This is a perfect beach shoe, or shoe to be worn to a beach bar. You can slip these stylish sneakers on as you’re walking out the door. These are built for a slower lifestyle, but they’re just as stylish as any sneaker out there on the market.

Many people like myself spent parts of the 80’s and 90’s wearing skating shoes. Slip-on sneakers are the modern day extension of that style. They stay true to the low-profile sneaker and leather craftsmanship.

SeaVees has been manufacturing some incredible boat shoes in recent years. It’s refreshing to see them spread their wings a bit and release a shoe that looks great on the street.

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