Sega Genesis Is Coming Back Just In Time For The Holidays


Sega Genesis (or Sega Mega Drive for people outside of North America). Ah, the good old days of gaming! Back before modern graphics and HD-TVs made everything so realistic. Back when Bulls vs Blazers, Deion Sanders Football, College Football’s National Championship and NBA Live ’95 ruled my nights. Back when a coke was a coke, and groovin’ was groovin’. You know, the glory days of gaming!

Turns out, the glory days aren’t over. In fact, a new 16-bit Sega Genesis is being released (sadly only in Brazil) through online retailer Tectoy. The console won’t be made by Sega, but the company who is making it got Sega’s blessing. The new console will work with European-compatible cartridges and it will also include an SD card that is pre-loaded with 22 games. Sadly, none of them are the game I used to binge play as a child.

Games included are…

Alex Kidd
Alien Storm
Altered Beast
Arrow Flash
Bonanza Brothers
Decap Attack
Fatal Labyrinth
Gain Ground
Golden Axe
Golden Axe 3
Jewel Master
Kid Chameleon
Last Battle
Out Runners
Sega Soccer
Shadow Dancer
Shinobi 3
Sonic 3
Turbo OutRun

Now is the part where I mention how we need to petition the White House (escalate it all the way to the top, baby!) to get Sega to bring the Genesis back to the United States.

[H/T Geek]

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