SEGA Genesis Mini Brings Serious 90’s Nostalgia

For many, video games are a large part of growing up. Whether it’s on X-Box, Play Station, or PC, most people have put some serious time into their gaming consoles. However, the SEGA Genesis came long before these other models, and it’s come back. All you 90’s kids out there better prepare to relive your childhood, because the SEGA Genesis Mini is here.

Nostalgia In a Box: The Genesis Mini

The SEGA Genesis was one of the most popular gaming consoles of the 90’s, a time when video games really took off. The days of going to the arcade to play your favorite games were a thing of the past. Now kids everywhere could plug in and play in their very own homes. This was exciting, to say the least, so exciting that video games have only grown in popularity since then. There may be more advanced games with better graphics or more complex and deep storylines. But nothing hits home quite like the games you grew up on. While most people have probably lost their old SEGA consoles to garage sales, spring cleaning, or old age, the opportunity to play them is back. SEGA has released the Genesis Mini. It is exactly what you’d imagine, the classic Genesis in a new and smaller package.

Ready to Play, Right Out of the Box

This new Genesis Mini still has the character and heart of the original. It is so similar in fact they deemed it a Genesis Replica. It comes with the same controllers your little hands used to hold, a very similar looking console with unmistakable Genesis and 16 Bit logos on it, and even your favorite Genesis games. The whole package includes four different waves of ten classic games. Along with those 40 games, it has two of the classic controllers, and HDMI and Power Cable, and a USB adapter. It is truly the same easy plug and play system you remember growing up with.

Let SEGA Show You Gaming the Simple Way

Modern gaming systems may be more advanced, but those advancements come at a cost. Constant updates, long wait times on game downloads, and a much higher price tag. The beauty of the Genesis is its simplicity. No wait times and updates make it easy to hop on at any time and jump right into your favorite games. The simplicity also serves as a great equalizer. Whether you’re a serious gamer whos competitive and skillful or just a casual gamer looking for a fun, stress free game, you can have a good time here. There’s no getting mad after waiting hours for a game to be ready only to decide its controls are too difficult and confusing. This makes the game fun for the whole family (very cliche, I know). But really, parents and kids can all play and have fun together without any of the difficulties of modern games. All of this while reliving the decade that defined modern gaming.

Let this revamped Genesis replica take you back to the 90’s. See the console that revolutionized home gaming and play just like you did in your younger, simpler days. Have fun again with all your favorite games on the SEGA Genesis Mini. Buy Here

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