The Segway Drift W1s Are the Skates of the Future

Looking for a different way of getting around? There’s been plenty of new and innovative ways of transportation lately. Gone are the days of riding your bike to work or hopping on your tried and true bus route. With Uber and Lyft dominating the rideshare industry and bicycle and even scooter sharing systems in urban areas, there are more options than ever for getting from point A to B. If that’s all too mundane for you, there are those handfuls of people who opt for hoverboards. Still too basic? Segway’s taken the classic roller skates and brought the concept to the future with the Drift W1 e-skates. The concept is reminiscent of Heelys except the wheels aren’t attached to the shoe. You can keep your footwear on and just stand atop the skates. It’s kinda like standing on two hoverboards, one per foot. Balance is definitely required!

Balance is key

If you’re used to ice skating or rollerblading, the Drift W1 could be easy to get used to. If not, it’s a bit trickier to handle, even if you’re used to riding a hoverboard. The e-skates have a top speed of 7.5 mph. You won’t be zooming around as quickly as you would on a bike, but you’ll have a decent workout positioned in a half squat and have some fun too! Since there’s nothing keeping your shoes attached to the e-skates, it would take some tough schooling to master balance and control while using them. It might also be difficult to skate on rough terrains or do any sort of tricks.

A portable and modern way to get around

Many transportation gadgets can be too cumbersome to carry around whether they’re too heavy, bulky, or there’s no easy way to store them. The Drift W1 is great for those looking for portability without sacrificing function or form. Each Drift W1 only weighs around 7.7lbs, but can carry up to 220 pounds. They sport elastic bands at the bottom, allowing for easy transport. You can carry one pair in one hand! The Drift W1s definitely look the part of a cool, modern gadget. They feature an inverted triangle design that is ergonomic, dynamic, and sleek. They are a simple black and white style that goes with any outfit. A little bit of rain can’t stop you from riding these e-skates thanks to IP54 protection of the mainframe and IPx6 protection for the battery pack.

Good battery and protection

Like many gadgets and gizmos today, even sneakers, the Drift W1s include an app to control their settings. The Drift W1s are charged separately by the adapter cable, which can charge both e-skates at the same time. A full charge allows you up to 45 minutes of skate time, perfect for a go-around at the park or commuting to work. The e-skates are fully packed in the magnesium alloy and the smart battery management system conserves your battery and prevents it from overheating. The Drift W1s also feature adjustable RGB lights in three modes. You’ll get noticed wherever you go, whether it’s for safety or your own little rave.

Segway’s Drift W1 e-skates cost $399 a pair. Give them a whirl! Buy Here


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