The Re-Release of the Seiko Voice Digital Watch Marks the Return of a Classic

Watches just aren’t what they used to be. With technological advancements, watches have become more than just timepieces. Big tech companies like Apple and Samsung battle it out with smartwatches, but sometimes, you just don’t want a whole screen on your wrist. There’s something about the simplicity and design of classic watches that are just more special sometimes. Seiko is one of those well-known purveyors of timepieces that are both classic and innovative.

Founded in 1881, the company has a rich history as a household name when it comes to clocks and watches. Today, Seiko is bringing back vintage wristwear, resurrecting past styles from their archives. One popular style is the Voice Digital Watch, which was first released over a decade ago. Seiko is re-releasing the classic just in time for the holiday season. The new Seiko Voice Digital Watch lineup is currently limited to Japan with three color options slated to launch on December 11.

An updated design with the same retro feel

The watch was originally developed with accessibility in mind for the visually impaired. It had no visual indicators like hands or dials. Instead, it used a programmed voice that told the time. Seiko has actually released a whole line of watches for the visually impaired dating back to 1939. The first was a tactile pocket watch for injured military officers in the war. 1966 marked the introduction of a wristwatch version, followed by a quartz version in 1979, and the Voice Digital Watch in 1998. 

The new model follows the same concept, but with some updates like a round case design. In addition to the robotic voice, the Voice Digital Watch also features a digital display as well as alarm and stopwatch functions. The watch is available in silver, black, and white and will be priced at ¥18,700, or about $178. It’s a small piece of retro fashion that can jazz up any basic outfit. Far from being bland, the watch even earned a Good Design Award prior to its re-release. Check out Seiko’s website for more information. Buy Here

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