Protect Your Home For Cheap With The SENS8 Smart All-In-One Wireless Home Security System


The SENS8 Smart All-In-One Wireless Home Security System is here to simplify all of your home security needs. This is an HD live-streaming camera with zero monthly fees.

If you’ve ever taken a serious look at the top wireless security cameras on the market they all have one thing in common. That thing is they all require massive amounts of storage capacity. More often than not, the manufacturers of these cameras want you to sign up for their monthly service. This way you can back up all of your security footage. With the SENS8 Smart Wireless Home Security System can you back up straight to Dropbox.

The 1080p HD camera is equipped with night vision. This way you can capture anything that goes bump in the night. It has built-in motion detection as well as a 95+ dB alarm and speaker. The cutting-edge SENS8 has temperature, humidity, sound, and light sensors. If something moves in your house then the SENS8 wireless camera will be sure to pick it up.

One minor detail about the SENS8 that I think sets it apart from the pack doesn’t even deal with security. As far as aesthetics go, the SENS8 is the best looking wireless security camera on the market (in my opinion). With a price tag of $169, this camera is also pretty affordable compared to the competition. Buy Now



The Details:

  • The SENS8 security camera is an all-in-one wireless home security system
  • Backs up straigh to Dropbox and requires zero monthly fees
  • Humidity, light, sound, and movement sensors pick up everything in the house

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