Get Up Close and Personal With Sharks This Summer

Take your summer plans up a notch and pump up that adrenaline with an unforgettable ocean adventure. Swim with sharks up to 15 feet long just inches away from your face in Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii. This exciting two hour cage dive experience will leave your heart racing. The day starts by checking in at the Shark Shack 30 minutes before your tour starts. Once you’re onboard, a short 15-minute ride will take you three miles off-coast where the shark cages are. Pay attention when your guide shares a safety briefing and other important information. On your trip, you may see dolphins, turtles, flying fish and in November-April, even humpback whales!

The dives will be broken into 2-3 groups and each group will have 20 amazing and terrifying minutes face-to-face with sharks. Don’t worry if you don’t have scuba experience—that’s not needed to cage dive. Depending on the number of passengers and their size and ability, up to seven people can fit in the cage comfortably. The company 100% guarantees each cage dive has shark sightings, so you’ll get what you came for. You may see 12-foot Galapagos Sharks and possibly Tiger and Hammerhead Sharks as well. Cages have handlebars on all sides and plexiglass windows for clear and unobstructed views. It’ll almost be like you’re swimming in the open ocean! Buy Here


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