Sharpin Ultra Is The Most Practical Way To Own A Pinball Machine

Everyone likes pinball. It’s a classic arcade game that has managed to withstand the test of time. Unfortunately, owning a pinball machine isn’t realistic for most people. Not only are they finicky machines that require a lot of maintenance, they are also pretty expensive.

But what if you could get the fun of a pinball machine in your home without the upkeep costs? That’s the benefit of Sharpin Ultra. This digital pinball machine mimics the experience of playing pinball at the arcade while also being a realistic purchase for most people.

Built For The Home

Most pinball machines are massive. Imagining a way to fit one in your home without dedicating a whole room to it can be challenging. However, it isn’t hard to picture Sharpin Ultra in your home.

Rather than standing on its own, it is designed to sit on a table. This means that it takes up far less space than a normal pinball game. It’s angled frame still simulates the experience of looking down into the machine.

Meanwhile, its 24-inch full HD display replicates some extremely fun pinball games. Since the computer inside is custom-built to run Android, you can also play any other game or app from the platform. Sharpin Ultra even has ports to plug in an additional controller.

Love Those Buttons

Just because Sharpin Ultra plays Android pinball doesn’t mean you’ll be limited to touchscreen controls. Rather, the built-in analog buttons on either side of the cabinet give you the feel of playing a real pinball game while a button on the front edge lets you launch a ball into the arena.

The interface is designed to work with any pinball game without the need to tweak any settings. All you need to do is plug it in and start playing.

Sharpin Ultra is perfect for any pinball lovers out there who have dreamed of owning their own machine but can’t because of logistical issues. Buy Here

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