Get Your Closest Shave Yet With Skull Shaver’s Pitbull Gold

A man’s best friend may be the old reliable K9, but a good shaver comes close. As one of the most important things in a man’s grooming arsenal, any old razer won’t do. When you want that close and comfortable shave plus something that lasts, look no further than Skull Shaver. The brand is known for its patented horizontal electric shaver body and handle. They aren’t your traditional vertical handle and for good reason. Skull Shaver’s approach to the design allows you to reach those hard-to-reach areas easily, like the back of your head or leg.

The shavers also feature large, round concave-shaped shaver heads, allowing more movement and pivot action. The heads also have five large rotary cutters with individual flex action, so you can be sure you’re getting the most optimal shave. The shaver will automatically adjust to every curve of your scalp, face, or leg for a comfortable and smooths have. You can move your Pitbull shaver forward, backward, and even in a circular motion for an even shave. Small circular motions are most recommended.

Skull Shaver began in 2010 and was first offered through Amazon in 2012. It has since then, been featured in several local and national media outlets, including newspapers, radio spots, websites, and blogs. The company is headed by Neel Kulshreshtha as President and CEO and John Lyles as the Chief Designer. The idea of Skull Shaver came to Lyles when was couldn’t find a good electric shaver for his head. After designing and re-designing with many prototypes in between, Skull Shaver was finally available in 2012 and has been a must need in any bathroom since then.

A long lasting shaver that contours to your every need

The Pitbull Gold is Skull Shaver’s mid-tier option, between the Pitbull Silver and Pitbull Platinum. The Gold is fast and easy to use, without risking nicks or cuts. You can be done in 90 seconds! The signature ergonomic grip makes your shave quick and convenient. All Pitbull shavers have the benefit of being wireless. The long-lasting 1,400mAh lithium ion battery in the Gold gives you a 90-minute runtime. It can also be used while charging. All Pitbull shavers are IPX5 water resistant so you can shave in the shower and save time getting ready or cleaning your sink.

Newly redesigned blades give you a shave like no other

For a fast and smooth shave, Pitbull has you covered. You can use the shavers dry or wet, on the go or at home. Shaving foam, not gel, is recommended for wet shaves. Shaving gels are not recommended due to its density and stickiness, which can clog the blades and damage your shaver’s performance. The newly re-engineered Pitbull blades shave faster and smoother than previous models. The final drive gear increased 22%, so there’s more hair cutting torque to the blades. The cutting area is also increased, with 10% more so you can cover more in less time. The precision blades are housed in a stronger casing as well, so they are durable and protected from any drops.

For the best results, make sure your shaver is regularly cleaned. You just need to simply run the shaver and dip the blades in the Skull Shaver Rinse Stand or a bowl of water. The running blades will self-clean and any shavings should be pushed out. The Gold comes with an 18-month warranty. Buy Here



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