The Shelby GT500CR 900S Is Modern and Classic in One

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but nowadays, technology is on your side. There’s something amazing about taking something old and making it new again. Think reupholstering a favorite armchair or remodeling your grandparents’ cottage. Classic Recreations celebrates that mentality with their beautiful and innovative car restorations. The auto shop offers full classic car restoration service and has worked on cars like the Mustang, Camaro, and Shelby.

Impressive inside and out

The Shelby GT500CR 900S is a classic, but Classic Recreations has given it a makeover with modern supercar tech. The restoration includes a supercharged 427 C.I custom built engine with 790 hp. It also has a modern, dart racing engine block, AFR aluminum cylinder heads, and F1-R procharger with 3 core intercooler. The car has race-inspired suspension, fast sequential fuel injection, tremec manual transmission, and a concept one pulley system. All these modern features are expertly crafted and wrapped in a classic Fastback Mustang body. The car has authentic Carroll Shelby exterior fiberglass enhancements. It has sequential Shelby taillights, Carroll Shelby GT500CR emblems, and a Carroll Shelby Lemans racing gas cap.

Available in grey/black, red/white, blue/white, black/grey and yellow/white, this custom beauty will match whatever look you’re into. Custom colors are also available upon request. The Shelby boasts an impressive interior as well, including Carroll Shelby signature seats. The car also has Simpson 5 Point Camlock seat belts, Carroll Shelby signature gauges, and a woodgrain aluminum steering wheel. It has Old Air Products A/C system and for some nostalgia, deluxe 1967 door panels and dash and trim. It also features a Carroll Shelby GT500CR console and floor mats. For some retro feel, the stereo system includes a Pioneer CD player with a removable face. Some more modern touches to the sound include a Digital Designs custom subwoofer enclosure, four Digital Designs handmade component speakers, and 1000-watts Digital Designs amplifiers. You can get your custom Shelby starting at $269,000. Buy Here


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