Remembering Your Passwords Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

We all dread it. When you have to reset your password or create a new one, the requirements are long and frustrating: uppercase, lowercase, special characters, numbers and at least nine characters. Yeah, yeah, it’s important for security. You really shouldn’t have “password123” or your name or birthday as your password. But when it takes so long to create a password, it takes even longer to remember it. If you don’t want to write your login information on post-its scattered around your room or office, which can easily get lost, a password organizer is the perfect solution.

“Shit I Can’t Remember” is a simple black softcover book with the most on-the-nose title ever. The 50-page journal lets you store important login information for over 160 websites, four on each page. Simply fill in the website name, username, password and notes. This is great for your shopping accounts, social media, email and pretty much any online account. It also helps when you have those pesky accounts that make you reset your password every few months. Never forget a password again or go through the pain of resetting it and having to rack your brain to meet all those requirements. Let’s just hope nobody gets ahold of your journal. Maybe there should be a journal for secret hiding spaces. Buy Here


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