Sleep On The Water With The Inflatable Shoal Tent From Smith Fly

Shoal Tent Smith Fly

You can sleep on the water thanks to the Shoal Tent from Smith Fly. It’s a tent built on top of an inflatable raft, perfect for camping on lakes.

At its core, the Shoal Tent is two parts. There are the inflatable raft and the tent topper which goes on top of the raft. Roughly 70% of the planet is covered by water. This inflatable raft tent allows you to sleep on the water and get closer to nature than ever before.

The Shoal Tent from Smith Fly is supported by a raft with three air chambers. The high-pressure floor of the raft doubles as an inflatable mattress. This way it doesn’t feel as if you’re sleeping on rigid water and you have some cushion. The tent itself is waterproof and durable, capable of withstanding high winds.

The inside of the tent is capable of accommodating someone up to 6’3″ tall. Kit comes with a storage bag for the raft and tent as well as a foot pump. Buy Here

Shoal Tent Smith Fly

Shoal Tent Smith Fly

Shoal Tent Smith Fly

The Details:

  • Perfect for camping on lakes
  • Inflatable raft with tent topper
  • Waterproof tent capable of withstanding high winds

Buy Here

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