ShockStop Seatpost Adds Suspension To Your Bike And Saves Your Butt

We’ve all been there. The day-after aching off your butt after a long bike ride over bumpy terrain. Each little jolt as the tires go over rocks, through potholes, and across bumps, your butt and back take a huge deal of impact. This is particularly damaging on long rides since the cumulative effect of these many jolts is fatigued. In fact, the fatigue from these can limit your riding efficiency and speed by up to 20%. So be smart, save your butt.

Using a proprietary, low-movement suspension, the ShockStop Seatpost takes the impact for you and dramatically smooths out your ride. It works great for riding on all terrains. That means you can use it for riding over gravel, on the pothole-filled road, or on the mountain bike trail. Using the inner spring, you can adjust the spring rate and pre-load to adjust the device to your riding style.

Measurements taken from the device found that it reduces impact forces by 60% on your body, so it reduces shock by a significant amount. By isolating you from the bumps and jolts, the ShockStop really does save your body from quite a beating. Since it adds both comfort and performance, the ShockStop is great for casual riders and serious athletes. It will make you faster, give you more energy, and keep you comfortable.

You know what to do. Go save your butt and get the ShockStop before your next long ride. Pre-orders are now available on the ShockStop Seatpost’s IndeGoGo page with 2151% of the project’s funding goal met (over $450,000). Learn More

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