Shun Higo No Kami Folding Steak Knife Adds A Bit Of Elegance To Your Dinner

Carrying a knife is a must. Whether you’re using it for opening things or for self-defense, your knife can be a versatile tool. Picture this: you’re at a fancy restaurant and order a steak. When it comes, you realize you have a fork, but no knife. Your coworker offers you theirs, but you shake your head, and pull out your Higo No Kami. Then, you cut into your delicious steak and enjoy it as your coworkers marvel at how classy you are.

The Higo No Kami is a traditional knife style and often lays claim to the title of being the first Japanese pocket knife. This take on it can be carried as a sleek, classy pocket knife or as a portable steak knife. After all, you never know when a steak might appear and need you to eat it. What? It’s good to prepare for everything.

Shun’s Higo No Kami includes a small lever extending off the tang when folded so you can flick the knife open one-handed. It’s VG10 “super steel” blade is razor sharp and perfect for cutting. It is six inches long open, and folds to just three and a half. It folds into an ebony PakkaWood handle complete with a mosaic crest that finishes the elegant look of this knife. It also includes a high-quality leather sheath. Or, you could just slide it into the pocket of your suit. Either way, you’ll be the classiest one in the room. Buy Here

shun higo steak knife


shun higo steak knife

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