Silent Yachts And Resorts Is An Ethical Slice Of Paradise

Silent Yachts and Resorts has figured out how to harness the full power of the sun. Their yachts are able to power a small island while docked there, making them a great choice for anyone that wants to be self-sustaining.

The boats are completely quiet, cutting down on noise pollution, and allowing them to travel to more places while leaving a smaller footprint. The accompanying resorts are as quiet as possible too.

They do not condone the use of remote site construction, complex engineering, or disruptive and invasive infrastructures. Their goal is to build “exclusive, secure, self-reliant, sustainable enjoyment that is even reversible.”

In other words, you get the experience of living with the land, not on it.

The Game Plan

Silent Yachts and Resorts intends to disrupt the current state of luxury tourism. They want to say goodbye to the days of huge cruise ships crashing through the ocean and resorts built over top of trees and vegetation.

They believe that it will be a truly unmatchable experience to be able to vacation guilt-free. With no carbon footprint, these getaways are considered 100% sustainable. Imagine going on vacation and knowing that you are helping the environment instead of hurting it.

Land And Sea

The experience is not confined to just land or sea. They say that the journey is better than the experience itself, which can be true in most cases, but we would rate them equally.

On one of these yachts, you are silently and sustainably reaching your destination in the lap of luxury. Once you arrive, you aren’t disappointed since you can relax in Mother Nature’s arms and enjoy the peace of the world.

You’ll feel like royalty in the floating huts and jungle houses and can feel even better knowing that you’re doing such in the most respectful way to our Earth. Will your next vacation be as silent as this one? Learn more

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