Singer Porsche Tonopah Is Another Restored Beauty

Anyone that loves cars will recognize the name Singer. At this point, it’s practically synonymous with Porsche. The restoration company specializes in customizing classic cars of days past into a reborn and reimagined ride for a new owner.

One of its recent projects, a Porsche 911 with the nickname Tonopah, is truly a beauty to behold. The Los Angeles, California, based company has outdone itself once again with a car that is the perfect balance between updated performance and daily usability.


The Singer Porsche 911 going by the nickname “Tonopah” is one that stands out from many of the other cars in the company’s lineup. It clearly draws inspiration from the environment that surrounds its namesake. The small town of Tonopah, Nevada, rests in Nye County about halfway between Vegas and Reno with picturesque mountains on all sides.

With a sleek desert tan paint job and black accents, this Singer Porsche looks like it was built for the desert. Well, actually it was. Since every car is custom done, the car’s relationship with its desert surroundings is no coincidence. Inside, black carbon fiber trimmings with red accents are the perfect complement to the car’s subtle exterior.

Boasting the classic look of a 911 and the rugged yet stunning color palate of the Nevada desert, Tonopah is enough to turn heads anywhere.

Singer Design

Founded by Catherine Wheel bandmember Rob Dickinson, Singer Vehicle Design prides itself on the fact that “everything is important.” When it comes to restoring classic Porsche 911s, we couldn’t agree more.

That attention to detail is precisely what has made Singer such a prominent player in the industry. Practically anyone that wants a modernized 911 that doesn’t want to do the work themselves will at least consider Singer for the project.

While the folks over in Germany ensure that a Porsche is already a top-notch car, Singer’s teams do an incredible job of giving these vehicles a second life. That’s especially true for the recent Tonopah project. Explore More Projects



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