The Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants Fix Sweatpants’ Only Flaw

sitting pocket sweatpants

I would live in sweatpants if I could. They are comfortable and, well, that is it. And that is all they really need to be. But sweatpants do have one flaw, which is their pockets. Whatever you put in them isn’t always as secure as it would be in jeans or other kinds of pants. Stuff just slides right out. But those days are over if you get your hands on Sitting-Pocket sweatpants. Not only are the pockets impossibly secure, but they are easily accessible from the sitting position or if you’re in a tight spot. No other sweatpants can say that. Buy: $80

Check out more images of the Sitting-Pocket sweatpants below.

sitting-pocket sweatpants


sitting-pocket sweatpants sitting-pocket sweatpants

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