SKULPT Scanner Measures Body Fat Percentage And Muscle Quality


We expect to see results from our workouts. But those physical results aren’t always visible to the naked eye and they don’t always show up on the scale either. It can be frustrating and also damning to your motivation. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore thanks to Skulpt Chisel Handheld Body Scanner.

Skulpt was invented by Harvard Medical School Professor of Neurology, Dr. Seward Rutkove and built by MIT PhD Jose Bohorquez. And according to the company, the device sends “a high frequency, low voltage current into the 24 muscle groups, evaluating the quality and density of muscle tissue compared to intramuscular fat and subcutaneous fat. Twelve active sensors translate the data into actionable intelligence, allowing athletes to definitively understand their muscle strengths and weaknesses like never before.”

The best part? The Skulpt Chisel tells you your body fat percentage to within 1% accuracy, that is far more accurate than personal body fat scales and calipers have ever been.

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