Get Organized With The SleeKey Smart Compact Key Organizer

SleeKey Smart Keychain

With the SleeKey smart compact key organizer you can start getting your life together. This is an innovative new approach to keychains and carrying keys. The keyring was built hundreds (thousands?) of years ago. It is antiquated technology and doesn’t work with our modern needs.

The SleeKey smart key organizer will store your keys in a way that saves pocket space. It is also designed to hold multiple everyday carry items like bottle openers, screwdrivers, and more.

From top to bottom, the SleeKey was designed to save your pocket space. This handy smart key organizer keeps your keys flat and on top of each other. It’s built similar to an all-in-one screwdriver which stores all of the screwdrivers together. Your keys will be stored inside of the SleeKey and anytime you need one you just flip it out.

Depending on the configuration of choice, the SleeKey can comfortably hold between 6 and 26 keys. However, it’d not plausible that you will ever be carrying 26 keys at a time. Another great aspect of this smart key organizer is that it can be used as a smartphone stand. If you want to watch videos or movies on your phone you can use the SleeKey as a stand. Buy Now

SleeKey Smart Keychain

SleeKey Smart Keychain

SleeKey Smart Keychain

SleeKey Smart Keychain

The Details:

  • The SleeKey smart key organizer is built to save you valuable pocket space by storing your keys in the best space-saving way possible
  • This will make a perfect addition to your collection of everyday carry gear designed to make your life simpler and easier
  • This smart key organizer carries between 6 and 26 keys as well as a bottle opener and other useful toosl

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