SlideBelts Survival Belt Can Also Double As A Badass Multi-Tool

slidebelt survival belt

The world of gear and apparel has gotten to the point where everything is a multi-tool. Board shorts, flip flops, wallets, lighters, you name the product and it has probably become a multi-tool. Or, at the very least, those products have multiple uses, because everyone wants added value these days. And that is why companies like SlideBelts are creating extremely innovative products like this Survival Belt.

The SlideBelts Survival Belt isn’t just your average survival belt. Other so-called “survival belts” on the market act more like paracord survival grenades than multi-tools. That isn’t the case with the SlideBelts, it actually doubles as a very functional multi-tool. The unique body of the Survival Buckle is composed of highly durable glass-filled nylon, and features an integrated folding knife with bottle opener, LED flashlight, and a ferrocerium fire starter rod. The knife is made of heat-treated AUS-8 stainless steel with a durable Titanium Nitride coating. A liner locking mechanism allows the knife to be opened with one hand.

The strap of the belt isn’t just a ho-hum strap, it is a cut-to-length design that also comes full of more features than the eye can see. Those features include it being crafted to withstand the harshest elements and most extreme treatment — because it is composed of an internal webbing core coated in a durable TPU alloy protective shield it is waterproof, freeze proof and UV protected. So yeah, it is safe to say that this belt will do more than just hold up your pants. It might just save your life. Buy Here

slidebelt survival belt


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