Travel in Ultimate Luxury with the SLRV Commander 8×8

When it comes to adventures on the road, there’s no shortage of vehicle options. Whether you go with a classic Airstream trailer hitched to your truck or a top of the line, all-in-one RV, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for something spacious with all the comforts of home, the SLRV Commander 8×8 is the adventure transport for you. Available in single or double story configurations and with custom design options available, you can’t go wrong with the Commander 8×8.


Truly a home on wheels

This luxury behemoth is all about comfort, style, and functionality. The living area can be a single or double story and sectioned off for different spaces, similar to a home. Relax in style with premium materials and finishes, including cushioned headlining, leather lounge options, modern cabinetry, and solid surface benchtops. SLRV vehicles don’t skimp on appliances either. Your Commander can be fitted with induction cooktops, convection ovens and microwaves, diesel water and room heaters, and even a washing machine. The full ensuite bathroom allows for a separate vanity, shower, and toilet. Custom interior finishes for flooring, cabinetry, backsplash, benchtop, and upholstery will make you feel right at home.

Sleeping configurations are also aplenty. For more space, a lift-up electric bed can also be installed, giving you a huge club lounge underneath. The Commander can also have a fixed bed as well as a lift up if the space allows it. If you just want a fixed bed configuration, the vehicle has a large enough space to include an island king or queen bed, east-west, single or bunk beds.

Solid construction to brave any challenges

The Commander sits on a 4 point torsion-free chassis, which allows the body and truck chassis to be independent. This increases off-road performance, allowing the wheels to remain in contact with the ground. The vehicle has 60mm composite fiberglass panels for strength. Double glazed recessed glass windows give you excellent insulation against the elements. There are also insect and block out screens and all windows can be fitted with external armor plating as well.

Self-sufficient power and technology

Expedition vehicles should make it to the most remote destinations, so self-sufficiency is a must. SLRV has partnered with Mastervolt, the world leaders in Lithium battery systems, to give the Commander high-performance power. The MLI Ultra series has all the best properties of Lithium Ion tech to survive even the harshest conditions. The batteries are also ideal for running heavy loads for long periods with short charge times.

The Commander is equipped with a 9.5kVA alternator. It uses spare engine capacity to generate electrical energy for consumption or to charge the battery banks. The vehicle also has solar cells to keep your system charged when no other source is available, including a sheer roof area with a massive 48 volt system and multiple solar controllers. As a backup, the Commander also has a generator, with options ranging from a small Honda 2.0i to a large built-in Diesel unit. Learn More


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