The Slughaus Bullet 02 Is The World’s Smallest Tactical Flashlight

Slughaus Bullet Tactical Flashlight

The Slughaus Bullet 02 is the world’s smallest tactical flashlight. It is tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand but also incredibly durable and bright. This tiny LED tactical flashlight carries 100,000 hours of LED life. Suffice it to say that’s more time than you’ll ever use a flashlight in your entire life.

The Slughaus Bullet 02 has a light so bright it can be seen from over 1 mile in optimal conditions. This tiny flashlight is said to be the smallest tactical flashlight in the world. It is fireproof, waterproof, light, bright, and only measures 2.5cm long. This is a perfect keychain accessory or an ideal flashlight to attach to your hiking pack. Three LR41 Button Cell batteries pump out 20 lumens of light inside the Aerospace grade aluminum casing.

With a price tag of only $9.99, the Slughaus Bullet 02 is something I plan on buying in bulk for the holidays. This tiny tactical flashlight is a perfect stocking stuffer. Everyone on this entire planet can use a good flashlight. This isn’t the type of item most people think about buying for themselves but it’s one everyone can benefit from. Buy Now

Slughaus Bullet Tactical Flashlight

Slughaus Bullet Tactical Flashlight

Slughaus Bullet Tactical Flashlight

The Details:

  • The world’s smallest tactical flashlight is waterproof and fireproof
  • Perfect for everyday carry as a keychain accessory to provide light when needed
  • Housed inside of Aerospace grade aluminum this tiny EDC flashlight is very light

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