Small Batch L.L. Bean Boots Offer A New Twist On A Winter Classic

small batch L.L. Bean Boots

After years of mostly maintaining the status quo when it comes to their signature product — don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, right? — L.L. Bean is shaking things up. This year, the company is dropping Small Batch L.L Bean Boots. No, they are not rebranding as a bourbon company, they are just pushing out some new, and somewhat rare, color, material and style options.

This “Small Batch” release is to celebrate 106 years of Bean Boots. Other than the look being slightly different, the materials used by L.L. Bean is what really stands out. Aside from the traditional leather used by the company for years, the materials on the “Small Batch” run include: a suede boot, a tumbled-leather boot, a waxed-canvas boot, and a quilted Thinsulate boot. Truly something for everyone!

It’s no great secret that L.L. Bean makes some of the best duck boots in the world. They are so durable that I’ve had my Bean boots since 2010 and they still look close to brand new. That is eight years of winter abuse — shoveling, ski trips, sledding with the kids and general wear to and from work on sloshy and cold days. In fact, the only thing I might replace in year nine are the laces. Pretty incredible product to only need laces after eight winters of wear and tear.

The Small Batch Bean Boots are already available for sale (for both men and women) on the company’s website. There are so many new options, too many to list here, that you need to go and see them for yourself. Buy Here

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