Your Finger Is the Key to This Smart Padlock

Many gyms today have the convenience of built-in combination locks. While it’s awesome to not have to carry a lock with you everywhere, some of us suffer from forgetfulness. Bringing your own lock doesn’t help much either. Whether you tend to leave your keys anywhere but with you or cannot for the life of you remember the combination (protip: your birthday, zip code, or area code should be easy to remember), it’s panic mode when it’s time to open your locker. Imagine a grueling hour of cycling and your phone and dry clothes are stuck in a locker you can’t open. Then you have to begrudgingly ask the gym staff to clip your lock and the cycle repeats. There’s a solution for us forgetful folk or anyone who wants something smarter and more modern: the RoMech Fingerprint Padlock. You don’t need to worry about forgetting anything—the key’s your finger!

Big tech in a small lock

The RoMech Fingerprint Padlock uses advanced fingerprint technology for automatic recognition, safety, and convenience. Like with your smartphones and laptops, it only takes one second to unlock with your fingerprint. The tech supports 360-degree angle fingerprint recognition with a resolution of 508 dpi. The smart lock can record up to 15 different fingerprints, so you can share it with your gym buddy, roommates, and anyone in between. No more carrying a key or forgetting or missing the combination with this smart lock!

The RoMech lock is equipped with a 300mAh lithium battery and has lower power consumption and a long standby time. One full charge gives the lock a standby duration of one year without recharging and unlocks up to 2,500 times. When it’s out of power, the lock remains locked. Simply charge it with the included USB charging cable and it’ll work again. The lock has to be fully charged prior to using it for the first time.

It’s easy to set up and use the RoMech Fingerprint Lock. The OKLOK app, available for Android and iOS, lets you add fingerprints and multiple users. When tapping your fingerprint on the reader, tilt your finger to capture all angles. The app also lets you view usage records so you can keep tabs on everything. The Bluetooth connection also lets you unlock your RoMech with the app.

Looks as smart as the tech

The tech’s not the only smart part of this lock. It looks smart and sturdy as well. The body is made of aluminum alloy and the lock beam is stainless steel for superior cut resistance. The lock is also up to IP65-rated weatherproof, resistant to water and dust, so you can use it indoors or outdoors. Use it to lock up your shed, gate, fence, bike, and more without any worries it’ll get damaged. Take it inside and lock up your trunk of priceless Beanie Babies or cabinet full of Star Wars memorabilia.

The lock sports a grey finish with a black center and square fingerprint sensor in the middle. The back features the RoMech logo. Measuring at 1.8” x 1” x 3.2”, the lock is portable and easy to throw in any bag. It’s a convenient, smart, and easy way to keep your things safe and secure. RoMech offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and has a 30-day money back and 12-month warranty for every lock. Buy Here


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