Never Bike Without the SmartHalo 2

The people of SmartHalo have produced a newer, better version of their original product. The SmartHalo 2 has every tool a biker could ask for all in one neat little package. After using the SmartHalo2, you’ll never want to bike without one.

All In One Biking Tool

When riding a bike, there are plenty of little tools or pieces of tech that would make riding much more enjoyable. However, there isn’t space to bring all your favorite gadgets and toys with you, so you’ve got to make sure whatever you bring is worth it. And the SmartHalo 2 is worth it. Like the original product, the smart halo has a neat ring of colorful lights that display the important info you need.

With this new product, it also has a black and white pixel display in the center to give you even more. Inside the SmartHalo 2 is a GPS that can give you turn by turn directions to keep you on the right route.

It can also show all your fitness metrics which you can follow more closely on the app. At night the SmartHalo 2 works as well. It has a 250 lumen light to keep your path lit, and a 100 dB bike alarm to keep your precious ride safe.

SmartHalo 2 Is Smart and Strong

This little tool is not only handy, but durable too. It will go anywhere your bike can go thanks to a waterproof design. The battery will keep you on the trails instead of waiting for a charge because it can last for weeks on a single charge. All this paired with a neat and attractive design that can be customized to best fit your tastes and style makes this the best bike gadget on the market today.

When you bring something along with you on a bike ride, it’s got to be useful. There’s not much space for carrying around extra pieces of equipment. That’s why the SmartHalo 2 is all you need. It’s got everything a biker could possibly want all in a neat and size efficient package that’s easy to take along on all your cycling adventures. Learn More



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