Smartphone Dermatoscope Lets You See Your Skin Like Never Before

Remember the days of high school science lab and looking at things under the microscope? Nothing is cooler than seeing everyday objects in ultra-magnified detail. Well, perhaps looking at yourself under the microscope.

That’s exactly what you can do with this smartphone dermatoscope from SKIARY. The company’s SK-3 model links to any smartphone and boasts LED lights and a high-resolution camera to capture extremely zoomed-in images of your skin. Trust us, you want to see them.

Up Close And Personal

When you look at your skin, it doesn’t look very special. However, it is actually comprised of millions and millions of cells that look a lot like scaled armor. Of course, you can’t see that until you touch the camera of this smartphone dermatoscope to your skin.

It is designed to fit on any smartphone and simply clips on over top of your camera. It also doesn’t require you to install any extra apps. All you have to do is open your camera app and start looking at up-close images.


What makes this smartphone dermatoscope so unique is that it produces high-resolution images that are both sharp and clear. The device’s built-in LED lighting ensures that you can see what you’re looking at. It also includes a UV mode that lets you visualize the pores on your scalp and face.

The gadget is compatible with almost all recently smartphone models and also functions with tablets equipped with a camera. Even better, it doesn’t take batteries. Instead, it charges via micro USB.

Though the word dermatoscope sounds like something only medical professionals would use, it’s actually one of the most fun devices that anyone can enjoy. There’s nothing quite like seeing your skin magnified in exquisite detail. You’ll be perfectly content to spend a hours at a time looking at the skin of all your friends. Just be sure to clarify when you say that you want to see some skin. Buy Here




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