The Smoke Top Is an Easy Way to Add Great Smoky Flavor to Any Drink

There are drinks that just have the cool factor. Think an Old Fashioned or a martini, popularized by 007 himself. But you know what would add even more oomph to a drink? You’ve probably seen this trend on Instagram or even at your local upscale bar: smoking liquors.

Of course, having smoky flavors in food has always been a delicious practice. We love smoking meats at a grill out, but smoke isn’t just for grilling. Combining the distinct flavors smoke brings with liquor is a no brainer.

If you’re wondering how to smoke drinks, it can be tricky, but worth the try for amazing and unique flavors. Smoking woods like oak or pecan is a common method. You can also smoke fruits and syrups for added depth to a drink. Rosemary, vanilla beans, cinnamon, and salt are other ingredients you can fire up as well. 

A classier way to smoke drinks

An innovative and compact way to smoke your drinks is the Smoke Top from Middleton Mixology. The Smoke Top was conceived in 2013 by founder James Middleton. He was inspired to create the infuser after enjoying a Smoked Old Fashioned at a bar. A large device resembling a leaf blower was used to create the drink’s smoky effect.

Middleton knew he had to create a better and less obnoxious way to smoke drinks. With his background as a firefighter and his worldwide education in bartending, he combined his skills to create the Smoke Top.

It’s a versatile and easy-to-use smoke infuser for all your liquors and cocktails. It is a small wooden infuser you set on top of your glass. Crafted from premium American Cherry, the Smoke Top is of quality construction. It is also finished with beeswax, which preserves and enriches the wood. The Smoke Top comes with samples of cherry, oak, and applewood, as well as cinnamon bark.

With these delicious ingredients, you’re sure to craft a unique smoked flavor that just maybe your next signature drink! Buy Here