Snowfeet, Just When You Thought Skiing Wasn’t Hard Enough

I believe you have to be at least half crazy to go flying down an icy slope but Snowfeet take it to the next level. These shoe adaptors are the next big thing to hit the slopes, and they are hitting it hard. Snowfeet attach to the snow boots that you already have and allow you to “skate” on the snow. You are able to do all of the same tricks as you would on skis or a snowboard without being weighed down.

One of the many useful aspects of Snowfeet is that they do not require extra purchases. I know we all love when we buy something we are super excited about, take it home, and realize we need batteries or an expansion pack. Not. Fortunately, this is not the case with Snowfeet. They just strap around the snow shoes you already have. They are also one size fits all which makes them perfect for sharing. Or you can keep them (and the cool tricks) all for yourself. We won’t judge.

You may be asking yourself why you need Snowfeet when you are perfectly content with your heavy, long, awkward skis. The answer is freedom! Snowfeet are so lightweight you won’t even know they are there, and you can start skating as soon as you hit the snow. They allow for more freedom to do crazy stunts, especially if you can get more air time because of how lightweight they are.

This is the perfect gift for everyone from novice to expert skiers. Snowfeet are best for those who know how to ski though, as it is a very similar process. People are going crazy for this new slope phenomenon, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to master a new skill. Snowfeet aren’t just great for shredding the slopes though. They give you a new way to cross country ski, make the forest trails more interesting, and give you the ability to do some sick tricks in the ski park. Snowfeet are best used in packed snow just like skis and they’re much lighter.

Even old dogs can learn new tricks. Snowfeet are great for anyone who is looking for a new challenge. The makers even believe that this is the next big Olympic sport. With the 2022 Winter Olympics a few years out, there is plenty of time for these to catch on. With plain old winter right around the corner, we could all learn a new sport to pass time while the snow is down. If this does become an Olympic sport, don’t you want a shot at a gold medal? Start practicing now! Who knows what can happen.

So, anyone who is looking for a fun new way to hit the slopes just found their answer. Snowfeet are the lightweight alternative that will have you floating on snow. Let these clip-on sleds whisk you away to an X-Games trick filled wonderland. Learn More



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