SOG Knives Brings You The Unrivaled Flash AT

Where are my history buffs at? This knife, originally known as MACV-SOG, is manufactured in the likeness of 1964 special ops knives. Although it is based on a knife used by the most elite of our military, the Flash AT is meant to be used for your everyday knife needs.

There are lots of little bits and pieces, like a rapid assist thumb opener, that make it perfect for the modern man. Better than that, the stud is ambidextrous, allowing left- and right-handed folks to have equal comfort. The Flash AT has an ergonomic handle so you can comfortably grip the knife no matter what shape or size hands you have.

Getting to the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about edge retention and blade toughness. The knife is composed of a 3.45 inch cryogenically heat-treated, D2 stainless steel blade. This provides unbelievable edge retention and durability. You will never have to worry about the blade collapsing under pressure either. Flash AT has a top-notch blade locking mechanism paired with a spine mounted safety system that should put your mind at ease.

Made For Everyone

This sick multipurpose blade comes in two colors. Whether you want it in civic cyan to make it easy to find and grab from the work table or blackout to make you feel like you are actually part of the special ops team, the Flash AT is ready for you.

The knife is slim and compact, making it the ideal knife to carry in your pocket. No need to worry about having to buy additional sheath or belt accessories because it is meant to live in your pocket. This once again makes it the ideal knife for your daily activities. Grab your own Flash AT and take on the wilderness, job site, or campsite. Buy here

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