Sony Crystal LED TV: Not 4K, Not Even 8K, But 16K!

One of the most exciting parts of the times we live in today is the rate in which technology advances. With how quickly things move, we can see the changes go by right in front of us. It seems like just yesterday the first 4K TV’s and cameras were all the hype. While 4K is still very impressive, the technology has already moved far beyond. So far, in fact, that Sony’s new Crystal LED Display System is capable of high definition display all the way up to 16K!

The Most Advance TV To Date

This fancy new Sony Display System is so advanced that they initially had no intention of making it available for consumer use. That’s right, this was supposed to be commercial and entertainment venues only. However, with how incredible these TV’s are, it’s no surprise people are begging for them in their homes. In case you’ve forgotten, this TV displays a mind-boggling 16K.

I honestly don’t think I’d be able to tell the difference between 4K, 8K, and 16K if it were side by side, but the fact that companies are pushing the limits is amazing. This display quality is thanks to the Crystal LED display. However, this design does more than just that. One of the other benefits is that this system can be made to nearly any size. Any wall space you have, they can fill with a custom TV. These advancements also keep the TV thinner than ever before and keep it cool.

The boundaries of what a TV can be are being not only pushed, but thrown forward with the latest item from Sony. This Crystal LED Display System is miles ahead of the best TVs of just a few years ago. As amazing as this is, it’s hard to imagine how it can get any better. But regardless, I can’t wait to see where they push the limits to in the future. Buy Here



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