Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Speaker Is A One-Of-Kind Bluetooth Speaker

Most of Americans, under the age of 60, probably own a bluetooth speaker for their house. Hell, a lot of people over 60 probably own one too, but you get the point. Bluetooth speakers are one of those things you just need. One thing they aren’t, though, is very attractive. They usually just look like big (or small) speakers. That is, until this Sony glass speaker came along. It will stimulate both your ears and your eyes. How you stimulate your other three senses is up to you.

Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Speaker is a one of a kind bluetooth speaker that not long offers excellent sound, but it is excellent on the eyes as well. And, if you’re in a dark room, this speaker will help you set the mood because it offers soft light from an LED filament: The LED filament is finely tuned for soft light, resembling that of a candle or lantern. Perfect for all the bachelors out there.

Not only that, but this speaker produces a crystal-clear sound that carries. It’s organic glass tube tweeter resonates clear high frequencies. It has a built in built-in 2″ woofer that delivers resounding midrange. You can also take control of the speaker using the Song Pal app (which can be downloaded for both (iOS and Android) to remotely control brightness and music.

An elevated speaker like the Sony glass speaker doesn’t come cheap, but most things that are worth the price rarely do. Buy Here

Sony Glass Speaker Sony Glass Speaker Sony Glass Speaker Sony Glass Speaker

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