Soundots Are Modular AI Speakers That Amp Up Your Sound

Sure, you could invest in an awesome portable Bluetooth speaker. But then what happens when you want to sit down in the living room and watch a movie with theater-quality sound? Then you have to shell out hundreds more dollars to get a great-sounding soundbar for your TV. But then what happens when you want to have a backyard party? You’ll need to find a powerful sound system. There’s another several hundred (maybe even a thousand) dollars.

Or, you could grab a couple of Soundots and call it a day.

These modular speakers operate individually as Bluetooth speakers with awesome sound. They feature touch screen controls on top and include two USB-C ports. This makes for fast, easy charging, as well as connectivity for your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Firestick.

The real magic happens though when you hook these speakers together. You can stack them vertically, side-by-side, or in any combination. In fact, you can make an army of Soundots with up to 65,000 (yes we know that’s unrealistic). Still, the AI computer will work through the strong magnetic physical connections these speakers have.

You can have a soundbar for your TV that sounds better than the theater. Then you can pop a Soundot off and take it to the bathroom while you shower. When you’re done, gather them all up and take them outside to get your backyard barbeque bumping. You’ll save big bucks by using the Soundot system while getting top-notch quality you would expect from individual units. Buy Here

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