Spalding Celebrates 125 Years with the Horween Basketball

For 125 years Spalding has been creating quality sporting goods. An incredible accomplishment for any company, proving they can and have stood the test of time and have a long and rich history in their extremely competitive field. Spalding is remaking their very first basketball to celebrate their history spanning over a century and pay homage to the earliest days of their sporting equipment.

The Ball That Started It All

The basketball Spalding is remaking for this anniversary is very special. This unique item is very different from the basketballs we know today. It shows the quality craftsmanship the company used to rise to success. This remake is based on a 1894 design by Albert Goodwill Spalding. The original ball was created specifically for Dr. James Naismith. This basketball closely resembles a football, and for good reason. The dark leather and seams running across the middle of the basketball have a striking resemblance to a modern day football. Underneath the leather seams is a stamp reading ‘No. M’. This was used to signify a game ball. There is also a stamp above the seams that reads ‘A.G. Spalding and Bros.’, the original name and logo of the company.

Limited Edition: Get It While You Can

Recreating a product of the past to celebrate is a common and great idea, however, Spalding wanted this to be more special than just that. To show the importance and value of this ball they will only be manufacturing a limited number of these- 125 to be exact. A fitting number, one for each of the years this great company has been around.

While it may be fun to play with this ball to see what the sports equipment of yesteryear felt like, I’d guess that nearly all of these examples will end up on shelves or in display cases. Not that there is anything wrong with that, after 125 years of excellence from Spalding, they are definitely allowed to create their own trophy piece. Learn More


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