Special Forces Issue Rolex Submariner Is A Very Expensive Field Watch

rolex desert tan submariner.

Rolex is the name in luxury watches. Other watch brands are just as expensive and well made, but no one has the name recognition of Rolex. So when we heard about this collaboration with the UK Special Forces, it immediately got our attention. And the Special Forces Issue Rolex Submariner watches, are attention getters, without a doubt.

These one-of-a-kind watches have been designed in collaboration with a delegation of former members of the UK Special Forces, tested in the same conditions as the current modern UK Special Forces operate & are currently worn by former members of the UK Special Forces.

Each Special Forces Issue Rolex Submariner was created to meet the needs of the modern day UK Special Forces, but done so by using original modern timepieces, re-styled to pay a respectful homage to the historical military watches of the past. The result are three truly beautiful watches. All of which I will never be able to afford. Sigh.

Buy: $17,000

special forces issue rolex

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