These Speedo Hydro Shredders Will Have You Looking Like 2018 Aquaman

In case you don’t know what the new 2018 Aquaman looks like yet, here’s some reference..

Who doesn’t want to look like an underwater Khal Drogo? While we can’t promise these sweet hydroshredders will give you sweet tattoos, they will definitely have you looking the part physically.

If you haven’t jumped on the underwater resistance training train yet, you’re missing out on a great workout. Not only will you get ripped, it is easier on your body and keeps you safer. These Hydro Shredders from Speedo will deliver a great workout. Yeah, yeah we get it. Speedo isn’t cool. But these aren’t your swimsuit, they are for working out.

During your workout, you’ll shred your muscles (and the water) as you push downward. Then, loads of resistance will get you gains as you power back up. Each non-slip handle keeps the device securely in your hand throughout your workout. Using these gets you a complete, 360-degree upper body workout.

The devices are engineered with specially designed valves and tubes that channel water for nonstop resistance. They offer superior traction during your workout, and give you better results. So, the real question is: do they also give you the power to talk to the wildlife of the oceans? Good question. You’ll have to try them for yourself to find out. While we can’t confirm or deny this, we can confirm that you’ll love the workout you will get from these. Oh, you’ll also feel like a badass churning up waves like Poseidon himself. Buy Here


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