Spire Health Tags – The Latest Wearable Tech Trend

Wearable tech has never been as easy and non-obstructive as it is now thanks to Spire. Spire Health Tag is a new way to monitor your sleep, stress, and activity without the bulk of other fitness gadgets. These tags are a discreet way to monitor your health and get real-time, actionable feedback. The Spire Health Tags are available individually and in packs of 3, 8, and 15. They can be placed on any piece of clothing you wear most, like bras and underwear. Simply remove the adhesive and adhere to your clothing. The hypoallergenic tags are thin and comfortable so you don’t feel them, but durable enough to withstand the washer and dryer. Just wear and wash your clothes regularly! Each tag has a battery life of 1.5 years, and no charging is needed.

The accompanying Health Tag app gives you personalized, real-time health reports and guidance. The tags continuously track your breathing patterns, so the app will flag you if anything’s off. A message card will pop up in the app whenever there’s a suggestion or report. Spire’s health insights will help you sleep better, reduce stress, and be more active. It also tracks calorie expenditure and heart rate, so you can see how hard you worked out in boxing class or playing PUBG. It’s the perfect tracker that stays out of your way and a very convenient tool for a healthier life.  Buy Here



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