Spooning Pillow: A Big Spoons Best Friend



Spooning. A wonderful thing nearly ruined by its Achilles heel: the awkward arm position. Big spoons everywhere have fallen victim to the dead arm. Nothing quite kills the mood like losing all feeling in your arm from the shoulder down just a few minutes into spooning and cuddling. Since the dawn of man this issue has plagued people, but now thanks to the Spooning Pillow this issue is no more!

Smart and Simple

This pillow design is perfect, and this comes from the simplicity of it. They’ve started with a normal memory foam pillow covered in ice silk. This serves as a great starting point, because anyone whos slept on a memory foam pillow before knows that literally nothing beats it. From here they’ve created a new shape. They’ve created an arched shape which creates a new space for your arm to rest. Now you can lay your head on top of this comfy pillow and rest your arm in the opening underneath. This prevents your arm from being crushed by either your own body weight or your cuddling partners to keep it from losing all feeling.

For those of you going solo at the moment, don’t count out this pillow just yet. You can flip the pillow over to where the arch is shaping up for ultimate single person comfort as well. This way as you lay flat on your back the pillows arch will gently hold the side of your head to give you the most support from a pillow you’ll ever feel.

Whether you’re looking for a way to make your spooning and cuddling experience better, or just trying to find a pillow to better support your head so your restless nights of twisting and turning will end, the Spooning Pillow is perfect. With the plush feel of memory foam and ingenious arched design, this is the pillow to end all pillows. Buy Here

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