Sportnoculars Will Get You Close to the Action

When you’re a budget baller, it’s tough when it comes to certain things. Sacrificing take out for home cooked meals, cutting back on Uber rides and choosing nosebleed seats at games. Sportnoculars are the perfect innovative gadget for the budget conscious recreational junkie. The hands-free glasses magnifies up to 3x so you can have a close and clear view from the cheap seats. The multi-coated green lenses reduce reflected light, so you won’t have that annoying glare when you’re trying to enjoy the game on a sunny day. They’re also great for sightseeing, hunting, bird watching and any recreational activity where you want to get closer to the action. You can also use Sportnoculars at Broadway shows, concerts and even while watching TV.

The glasses are made of a lightweight aluminum frame and includes silicone nose and ear keepers. They will stay securely on your head so you can cheer and jump as much as you want. The handy neck strap also gives you additional security. Not all heads are created equal. Sportnoculars allow you to adjust the eye spacing for a customized fit. Four eyes? How about six eyes? You can wear glasses under your Sportnoculars since the arms are long enough for adjustment. Comfortable, powerful and a great value at $35.75, the Sportnoculars are a must-have! Buy Here


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