Take Water Fights to the Next Level With Spyra One

There’s no outgrowing water fights. It’s challenging, fun and the perfect summer activity! When the stakes are high, a regular flimsy plastic water pistol isn’t going to make the cut. Spyra is reinventing the wheel and introducing the next generation of water guns: Spyra One. This baby shoots powerful water bullets so you’ll have clear hits, not measly squirts. Spyra One will give you full range and precision. Simply pull the trigger and feel the power. Each water bullet is about the size of a shot glass, 30 ml. The water tank holds 25 water bullets.

You’ll have constant pressure from the first to last shot thanks to the integrated pump that re-pressurizes the water automatically during refilling. Quick auto-refill from any water source gives you a full tank in 14 seconds with the push of a button! Every second counts! The mechanical filter prevents any particles from entering the water system. A digital display shows your tank and battery status so you can strategize accordingly. The rechargeable battery lasts a full day with at least 45 refill cycles and 1,125 shots. USB-C connection recharges the gun in six hours.

Spyra One looks just as cool as it performs. The rugged outer shell protects the gun even in the wildest water fights. For those with butter fingers, the textured rubber handle gives you optimal grip. The digital display is easily in view on top of the gun so you know when to refill. It’s a no brainer Spyra One is the perfect toy for the final days of summer. The only question left is red or blue? Learn More

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