Play Against Opponents Around the World on the Square Off Chess Board

When you’re cooped up at home alone and crave an intellectual battle of strategy, what do you do? You can fire up an online match of Monopoly or Settlers of Catan, but it’s not the same as a physical opponent. So if you’re quarantining alone and holograms a la Star Wars don’t exist yet, it’s tough to play a board game if you want a more real connection.

Cue the innovative and modern Square Off Chess Set! Online chess games have their advantages, like playing with anyone around the world at any time. A physical match gives you that tactile feel of actual game pieces and appreciation for the game’s beauty. So why sacrifice one over the other? You can have both a digital and analog chess experience thanks to the world’s smartest chessboard. 

While you won’t actually have another person sitting in front of you, Square Off’s the next best thing. If you’ve watched the Harry Potter films, you may remember a scene of Harry and Ron playing Wizard’s Chess. In the magical variant of chess, the pieces are enchanted to move on their own when the player commands.

When a piece is taken, the attacking piece smashes it in a barbaric manner. While Square Off isn’t as dramatic as that, the gameplay is still quite magical.

A clever way to train and play

The Square Off Chess Set is designed by Mumbai-based consumer electronics company Infivention. It has handcrafted wooden pieces and they all sit on a gorgeous two-tone finished board.

The pieces have fully-automated movements, so there’s that magical part. The board acts as an input/output device and works whether or not your opponent has their own Square Off. So first, you connect through the app and you can challenge anyone anywhere.

There are 24 million players on using the app, so you can play with someone on a  different continent or your next-door neighbor. 

When you move a piece on the board, it shows up on their phone or their board if they have one. When they move a piece, the corresponding piece moves on your board.

The movements show up just as if both players were sitting across from each other. You can also play against the advanced AI, which has 20 difficulty levels so you can train from beginner to grandmaster. Square Off is available in Neo, Swap, Kingdom Set, and Grand Kingdom Set. Buy Here